Terms & Conditions

Client Bookings & Deposits

We will provisionally book you order, but your order becomes reserved only when an agreed deposit is paid. The deposit is paid to reserve your date and is NON-REFUNDABLE in the event of a cancellation. Cakes are first come first serve and we only do a limited number of cakes per week. However, if you need to change dates or move your event, please call us and we’d be happy to make accommodating arrangements where possible at no extra charge. Deposits are required at the sole discretion of Lushlooking Cakes.


After your initial deposit, you may choose how you would like to make your final payment. This can be either in instalments with the final balance paid 2 weeks prior to your cake delivery date, or the remaining balance paid by the two remaining weeks. Other arrangements can be made as per agreement and to our discretion

Final Payment

The final balance is due 2 weeks before your cake booking and delivery date. If your cake is ordered less than 1 month before the event date, an immediate deposit is required and your order will not be placed until payment is received. The cake will not be made if acfinal payment has not been received. We are happy to accept payments on the final agreed price – however, all monies must be received 2 weeks prior to the booking and delivery date or your cakes will not be made and all payments made will be non-refundable after the two remaining weeks of the booking and delivery date unless special arrangements have been made before hand.

Cake Changes

Changes to your cake order: size, description, flavors, etc. will be accepted until 2 weeks prior to the event date. After that 2 week date before your booking and delivery date, we cannot accept any changes. If your agreed changes result in a revised price greater than the original agreed sum, then that sum will be added to the remaining balance with the payment due by the 2 weeks before your cake delivery date.

Delivery and Set-up

Delivery and setup is free unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to charge for our time for delivery and set up where travelling is more than 1 hour from our location. This will be relayed to you at the time of your booking.

Cancelation Policy

In the event of cancellation, cakes cancelled prior to the 2 weeks before your booking and delivery date can be refunded up to 50% of balance paid. The other 50% will not be refunded unless otherwise discussed. Cakes cancelled after the remaining 2 weeks of booking and delivery date will not be refunded. In the event that something occurs to effect your scheduled event date – please contact us to discuss options. Communication is key, if you are up-front about any issues about your date we will work hard to accommodate you. We understand things can come up that are out of your control.

Our Guarantee

We promise to do everything in our power to deliver you a cake that meets or exceeds your expectations. We will work with you on every level to make sure you are completely satisfied and happy with your cake design.


In the case of an emergency or an error in your cake delivery, please contact us immediately so we can fix the issue right away! If you are unhappy with your cake for any reason, please inform us that the day of your event and explain the situation. In the rare case that you are unhappy with your cake and would like a refund, you must call the day of your event so your cake can be returned. Without proof that you are indeed unhappy with the product and will not be using it for your event, we will be unable to refund any portion of your payment. We are dedicated to satisfying our clients cake requirements. Please call or email if you have any questions. 07484 181688 Or Email at amelia@lushlookingcakes.con By reading this, you also agree that certain creative changes may be made to your final design for the sake of stability, structural integrity or other certain emergencies.